Археолошки институт представља јединствену, централну научно-истраживачку установу у Србији која је посвећена археологији. Основала га је Српска академија наука и уметности 1947. године, а од 1961. је самостална установа.

Author: urednik

Research programmes are aimed at obtaining scientific knowledge about the origin and development of the fortress and the urban settlement in the epochs of Antiquity, the Middle Ages and in later periods, up to modern times. In addition, data relevant for the conservation, restoration and revitalisation of individual buildings, sites and wider complexes within the fortress

The Third International Belgrade Conference on Archaeological Pottery - BECAP 24 - will be held on 16-17. May 2024. The theme of the conference is Pots and Society: Relationships, identities and prestige/status. 35 applications were received from 19 countries (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, France, UK, Egypt, Latvia, Belgium, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Russia,

The remains of the Roman Sirmium are located below Sremska Mitrovica, a small city on the Sava river, about 70 km west of Belgrade. The Roman city was founded in the 1st century on the site of indigenous settlements. Sirmium became a Roman colony in 89, during the reign of Emperor Domitian. In the following period,

The Roman site of Gerulata in the village of Miroč on the mountain of the same name, in the territory of the municipality of Majdanpek, includes a small Roman fortification - a castle and a civilian settlement, which protected the road that connected the valley of the Poreč river and the ancient Taliata (Taliata) near Donji

Dear colleagues and associates, you can find the third newsletter summarizing the achievements of the IoA in the period from July to December 2023 at the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qdYTow2kZYIMP03CjRg5OGbdG7vigb80/view?usp=drive_link