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Second Circular Letter For 18th International Congress Of Christian Archaeology Early Christianity Between Liturgical Practice And Everyday Life Belgrade, 2–6 September 2024

The Institute of Archaeology, Belgrade, will host the 18th International Congress of Christian Archaeology in 2024. The congress has a special place in the fields of Early Christian archaeology and Late Roman studies, with a tradition established in 1894. The Congress will be organised in cooperation with the main institutions of protection, culture and education from the Republic of Serbia, such as the National Museum of Serbia and the Faculty of Philosophy of the Belgrade University. It will provide an excellent forum for the promotion and presentation of Christian cultural heritage, together with a thematic exhibition that will be organised at that time at the National Museum of Serbia in Belgrade and the excursion to Sremska Mitrovica – the Late Roman capital of Sirmium which hosted emperors, where church councils took place and which was home to many martyrs.

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